Flip Diving – Fun and Learning Game!

Flip Diving is an exciting sport about diving in water that resembles surfing. Master the timing to increase the number of dives you make before landing on the ground perfectly. When you get in the water correctly, you will be promoted further to the next round where you will dive yet again. You can also

Flip Diving For Nintendo Wii

Flip Diving is an all new 3D water based video game. Do different stunts like backflips, front flips, and rear flips with various divers and become a pro at diving. You will dive off of high cliffs, lily pads, rocks, trees and many other creative platforms designed just for the Flip Diving game. Don’t try

Flip Diving – arcade game that is hard to describe!

Flip Diving, the hot new way to dive the sea, is fast becoming a popular activity among the young divers of today. With many fun and exciting new features, Flip Diving gives the novice diver an excellent opportunity to explore and enjoy the ocean from an exciting new perspective. Does your ten-second video clip look

What is a Flip Diving?

When most people hear the term “flip diving”, they often wonder what it’s called. A flip dive is when you perform an extreme, free style dive onto a board that is similar to what you would see in the water. This is called a front end roll and can be performed quite aggressively and with

Flip Diving Game – Learn How to Jump Higher in No Time

Enjoy fun unusual blocky superhero jumping games! Jump from the top of a cliff, dive into the warm blue ocean and perform acrobatic stunts and tricks, earn rewards and score points in Flip Diving – Blocky Super Hero 3D! Each participant has different capabilities, weights and different dynamics. The better you perform in the game,

Crossy Road iPhone App Review

Crossy Road: Islander is an online strategy-adventure game by Playmobil Corporation. The story of the game is simple: in order to save his beloved wife, a man (you) has to take care of all the many islands he has across. On each island, you will find new animals, new places to go, new collectibles, new