Flip Diving – Fun and Learning Game!

Flip Diving is an exciting sport about diving in water that resembles surfing. Master the timing to increase the number of dives you make before landing on the ground perfectly. When you get in the water correctly, you will be promoted further to the next round where you will dive yet again. You can also try and win tricks and prizes within the game itself. If you master all the tricks and are the highest achiever in the game, then you will unlock the top prize in the game which is the ultimate prize for winning the game!

To play this game, first you have to obtain a Flip Diving board from the Daily Spin machine at the local arcade. The coins that are rolled from the machine are placed on the bottom edge of the playing area on the board. The aim of the game is to get the coins without dropping them onto the ground. The coins are spinning round once per second and are always within reach. So aim carefully to get the coins as they are spinning around!

To complete a dive, first you have to land perfectly on the platform. Your character will have three states depending on whether he is an android or a whale – jumping, floating and jumping. Each state has three mini-games based on it and the more difficult the game is, the more activities there are. The more complex the game is, the more activities are available. For example, when you are an android you will face the need to pick up an item from a green panel, land correctly on the platform, and drop the item into a hole in order to complete your dive.

The two most popular tricks when playing Flip Diving are the jump and the high cliffs. The jump allows the player to climb to platforms that are normally out of reach. The high cliffs feature a series of dangerous drop offs where you might not want to try to jump at the same time. Unlock new tricks by purchasing all the coins in each world.

The Flip Diving free daily spin machine gives players the chance to practice their skills in a safe environment. You do not have to spend any money to play this exciting game. All you have to do is sign up using your details such as email address. Once signed up, the player can access the game and use all the features that are available. Using the coins given as rewards, players can buy coins that they want to improve their skills.

In addition to earning coins by playing games on the Flip Diving, players can also purchase items for their virtual space on Facebook. For example, if they have bought a case of beer, they can decorate their space with it. This is possible because Flip has an application that enables users to upload pictures and photos of themselves. These decorations can then be viewed on their profile page where they can place it on their walls. You can even send messages to other Facebook users while wearing your favorite helmet!

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