Flip Diving For Nintendo Wii

Flip Diving is an all new 3D water based video game. Do different stunts like backflips, front flips, and rear flips with various divers and become a pro at diving. You will dive off of high cliffs, lily pads, rocks, trees and many other creative platforms designed just for the Flip Diving game. Don’t try this on the couch! You won’t get the thrills that this game gives you, but you will defiantly have fun.

It looks great, and it plays great too. The controls are smooth and responsive and the action is exciting. Your feet have four different sensitivity levels so you can change up how fast you want your moves to happen. This makes the game much more interesting to play because every time you take a jump you are taking your body through several different motions which helps to create a sense of fluidity.

The Flip Diving game comes with its own coin pack and two types of upgrades. The first upgrade is the daily spin machine which gives you extra coins each time you perform a flip. The second upgrade is the double daily spin machine which gives you double coins each time. These two upgrades along with the standard coin pack will give you plenty of coins to play with. The game is controlled by a Wii remotes and it really feels right when played this way. The actual action is very exciting too with good graphics.

A couple of things make the Flip Diving game a little different than other games in its genre. The first is the way you earn your coins. When you land on a platform you have the chance to collect one coin out of two available for that move. This means you always have at least two coins when you land on a platform so you don’t have to wait to get one more. You also have a limited number of jumps before you have to start all over again.

The other difference is found in the kinds of diving locations that are featured on your map. Instead of just seeing one set of underwater diving locations you can see a wide selection of destinations including wrecks, ledges, and bridges. Some features also allow you to change the color of your coins depending on your goals for that particular dive.

If you like the idea of Flip Diving but aren’t sure if it will be a good fit for you, there is another version called Flip Dive that is similar to the popular Nintendo game. It allows you to take your control of a submarine instead of a plane and it plays much more realistically. Like Flip Diving the controls are used for steering the vessel and using the weapons as well. It offers new diving locations, but the games are very similar.

Either version you play with one coin per jump or five coins per jump. If you want to make more turns while using your submarine you can add more coins to the machine. The same applies to jumping. The only difference is that you are allowed up to ten spins with each jump before having to stop and recharge.

Flip Diving for Nintendo Wii offers plenty of excitement for people who enjoy the adrenaline rush provided by this game. If you are a lapsed diver you might want to stay away from this version of Flip Diving, but those who love adventure should give it a try. Either version of the game has enough excitement to keep you busy for a very long time.

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