Get Over It on PC – A Review

Get Over It on PC – A Review

Getting Over It by Bennett Foddy is one of those PC games that will make you sit up and take notice of the environment, the textures, the sounds, even the little details like dust particles floating in the air. If you enjoy playing games that are colorful and have a lot of interesting content, this one is for you. It will also keep you busy for at least 45 minutes depending on how you play. Here’s the lowdown on Getting Over It.

Getting Over It by Bennett Foddy is an extremely addicting game that will have you glued to your computer screen for quite some time. To play Getting Over It without any graphics device, you’ll need a minimum CPU level equal to an Intel Core 2 Duo T7000. Also be sure to have at least 2GB of free hard drive space to download Getting Over It. And finally, as with most apps, you can play Getting Over It without using an email protected server. As long as you have an Intel HD 4000 card, you can play the whole game without having to worry about a thing.

So what exactly is Getting Over It? It is an absolutely amazing puzzle/adventure game that takes place in the sky above London. This is the app where you get to take control of one of character’s in this gripping story. The storyline takes place in the year 20 96 when two mysterious masked figures from the previous generation of London will make a midnight visit to your house. Once they’re there you’ll have to uncover the dreadful secret behind their presence and put a stop to a series of murders that took place.

This game has great physics and real time reactions. The controls are very simple and intuitive and if you know how to run, you can finish the story on the lower level. I think getting over it with Bennett foddy? might be too easy for some people who are not used to this kind of puzzle games. If you think that getting this PC game is just too easy, then you might try the other versions available on different websites (for free or at a very low end price).

Another thing that makes Getting Over It with Bennett: PC a unique experience is the excellent hidden object scenes. The scenes are beautifully illustrated and the voice acting is great. I would definitely recommend this game if you like hidden object adventure or action games. The least 2 gb memory card should be enough for the entire story but if you want more then you can increase the size via disk space and internet.

There are many more things about Getting Over It that I don’t want to tell you about because the bottom line is that this app is great. I have tested the game for several weeks and I still can’t get the ending. This is a great game and for those people who have problem solving skills, you should start practicing by getting the least 2 gb of memory card and increase it slowly so that when you do finally solve the puzzle, you get the most points.

When you download getting started guide, it has instructions on how to install the game on your computer. When you install it, you will be asked to choose which version you would want. I would personally recommend getting the pro version since the normal version has a lot of limitations. After you installed the app, you should open the game, wait for a while and watch the story unfold. The story is a very good one and you get inspired easily just by listening to the story and following the steps.

Once you install getting started guide, it will show you where your goal is. In the beginning, you should know where your goal is and you should not stray from that area. It will also tell you what you need to have in order to advance further in the game and you should take care not to miss anything or go far off track. Getting Over It on the PC has been getting a lot of attention from many people because of its great story, great graphics and excellent music.

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